About Us

About Us

“CLI Interactive LLC is a family owned and operated business”.

Company Profile – Our advertising and marketing methodology focuses on the belief that companies and organizations want to be found on the Internet, and would like their content to be relevant enough to build understanding and trust and ultimately be invited into a bid processes.


Joe AlbertiniLeadership – Joe Albertini Founder and President


Founded Color Logic, Inc. 1985, President navigated Color Logic, Inc. through the desktop publishing revolution. Joe attended as many as 8 conferences per year over a 10-year span during the digital transformation of the advertising and marketing industry. Joe was present when the Internet was introduced to the advertising and marking industry and soon after founded Dream Logic Interactive Productions in the early years of World Wide Web. During that time Joe had the pleasure meeting Steven Jobs and having lunch with Paul Brainerd co-founded the publishing/printing software company Aldus, following his speech on multimedia, which introduced video to desktop publishing. Joe has had the pleasure of working many notable companies and participated in the launch of many high profile brands from both the agency and corporate side.

Mission & Values

“CLI team members enhance the art of communication.”

Customer Service Theme – “We embrace challenges, resulting in exceptional client experiences.”
Services Standards – CLI team members do extensive research in order to contribute meaningful, on target, ideas and solutions that exceeds our client’s expectations.
Problem Solving – CLI strives to deliver productive and valued working experiences for clients through ongoing learning to become a valued partner.
Consistent – CLI’s reputation for excellence sets a high standard of expectation from our clients. With each opportunity we must stride to exceed our own standard of excellence.
Fair & Polite – CLI team members pursue every opportunity to create pleasant experiences for clients, employees, and vendors and people in general.

We’re not too good to be true. We’re perfect for you.

We focus on your value by providing strategic services to determine valuable information to plan for your future.
We build your brand with content and messaging that enhance your desired brand reputation, create and maintain brand awareness, and develop ideas to achieve customer satisfacation and loyalty.
We have an in-house studio that allows us to control production costs and passes on the savings onto you when developing marketing materials.