Internet Consulting

InternetInternet Consulting

Internet Consulting Services is a very broad offering statement.
Services can range from providing development of specific deliverables to coaching an Internet Marketing team and include:
  • Search Engine Optimization of website pages
  • Content Marketing Services
  • Call-to-Action
  • Website Conversion Enhancement
  • Social Networking Projects
  • Social Networking Advertising
  • Link Building Services
  • Website Design Services
  • Website Analytics Training
  • Local & Global Internet Advertising.


Internet Marketing Partners

When selecting an Internet Consulting Services firm, keep in mind that you are usually establishing what should become a long-term business relationship, built on trust. Your online business success will be in the hands of this company. It is a serious business decision. Many companies can assist in providing the basic SEO components; however, few companies have the experience and expertise to research and analyze the competitive marketplace and websites that directly compete with yours and can maintain an ongoing affectively strategy.
Strategic planning focuses on why customers would choose you. What value are you bringing to them? It is important to know, at all times, the value of your offerings, and where your products, services, or programs are positioned in the marketplace. So before sending an E-mail blast or designing a Website, we begin with a step that cannot be overlooked, developing a strategic marketing plan. From this marketing plan, the messaging for all materials will be derived, and your advertising and communications plans are developed. A well-developed plan with integrated marketing tactics strongly influences the success of your marketing efforts. Keep in mind that Internet consulting and marketing is a combination of technology, art and experience.



Web Advertising

One of the most beneficial parts of the Internet is that it lends itself to interact with potential buyers. Whether it is E-mail campaigns or social marketing, we are able to engage in “conversations” with our customers without being in the same room, or even in the same state or country! As an Interactive Agency, we focus on maximizing your web budget. Continuously analyzing the performance of your website allows us to track impressions and clicks, as well as helping us to adjust with changes in trends.


Video Marketing

Is a widely used, and great way of sharing relevant Information in an entertaining matter.
In 2013, more than 4 billion online videos are watched every day and 68% of videos are shared.
Apparently, your audience likes video.
After 72 hours, a typical person can retain about:

  • 10% of text that they’ve read
  • 65% of an image they’ve seen
  • 95% of a video they watched

As human beings we are naturally inclined to respond to visual storytelling.


E-mail Marketing

It is no secret that we, as a society, are addicted to constant contact. E-mail marketing allows you to reach your customers where they find themselves most…in their inboxes! The opportunity to send multiple touches to targeted audiences makes E-mail marketing a desirable method of communicating.



It used to be that SEO and SEM were treated as separate disciplines, but now we are realizing that they are more like complementary programs. When purchasing pay-per-click keyword ads, insights can be gained that will positively impact SEO creative initiatives, and visa versa.


Mobile Marketing

A common misconception about mobile marketing is that it is just another form of pesky advertisements. But, mobile marketing encompasses much more than just mobile ads. Currently, about 40% of E-mails are opened on a mobile device, with that number growing by the minute. If you haven’t included mobile to your marketing mix yet, now is the time. Tens of millions of people locate businesses using a mobile device. Sometimes consumers price check using their smartphone prior to making a purchase while inside of a store. As well as clicking to call a business, or find directions to its location. We begin mobile marketing campaigns by using proven marketing techniques and utilizing the latest technology. We assess your business’s mobile marketing needs, and develop a customized plan for you.


Social Media Marketing

Social media campaigns are becoming more important that ever for both large, fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller, less well-known companies. The creation of catchy offerings allows for the potential for that message to go viral and spread quickly through social media networks, which results in a dramatic increase in brand awareness. Many people are of the mindset that Social Media Marketing is only for B2C, but that’s not the case, B2B companies can still benefit from social media. It tends to be less obvious, the connection between social media and B2B. Social media is a fantastic, low-cost way to communicate with your customers. Partner with us for your Social Media Marketing needs, and we will create a custom plan utilizing the social media outlets that will work best for you.