Trends in Digital Marketing 2015

Trends In Digital Marketing 2015Trends In Digital Marketing 2015


There will be an increase in companies, government and educational organizations focusing on content marketing strategies.

  • The popularity of “Content Marketing Strategies” will continue to appeal to marketers. Companies, brands, government and educational organizations will favor creating more relevant and inspiring content to audience experiences.


Content will be focused on “true value”.

  • The rule seems to be, quality over quantity, make it short, make it simple, and make it beautiful. The objective is, produce first-rate content.
  • Companies, brands, government and educational organizations realize that producing low-quality content is actually damaging in terms of SEO, building trust and attracting followers.


There appears to be great interest in “company-wide integration” of content marketing strategies.

  • Individuals from all departments should be involved in content brainstorming session at the very least.
  • Identifying which individuals in your company or organization can offer unique insights or skills contributes to the likelihood of generating relevant, targeted content, and gets everyone invested in the process.


Visual storytelling will be a focus with better design, imagery, and richer media such as video and animation than ever before.

  • The focus on enhancing user experiences through visual storytelling and rich media such as, quality design, imagery, video and animation, can help spark audience to take action and inspires emotional connections.
  • Marketers are focusing on visual marketing to help their interests to stand out from the crowd.


Mobile-first design 

  • The majority of your audience will likely access your content, (website, Blog posts, emails and social media posts, etc.), at some point using a mobile device, creating content with mobile distribution in mind must be considered during design and development phases.


  • At the center of your Content Marketing Strategy is a CMS system such as Drupal or Word Press, which are currently the most popular open source CMS software’s.
  • Also very important to the overall success of your content marketing strategy is a partnership with versatile supporting vender that can provide training, technical support and can participate in the achievement your team’s creative ambitions.